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Athletic Equipment

Elite Sports Builders is an authorized dealer for all your athletic equipment needs. Our production team has over 20 years of experience installing pro-grade sports equipment in world-class facilities throughout the United States. Our dealer authorization alongside of our staff of certified builders allows us to provide expert, all-in-one design-builds for any sports facility.


Porter's Dealer of The Year (2012)

Our Dealer Authorization Extends To The Following Organizations:

gill athletics

Gill Athletics

Our friends at Gill Athletics have been around for more than 95 years and are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality athletic equipment. Gill Athletics is known for building products that meet precise IAAF, NCAA and NFSHSA specifications. They also happen to be the largest producer of track and field equipment in the world. The experts at Gill offer an extensive product line including everything from indoor basketball hoops to outdoor batting cages. No matter the game, we’ve got you covered!

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Porter Athletics

As a consistent world leader in the supply of athletic and recreational equipment, Porter has earned a reputation for manufacturing the finest basketball equipment on the market. Porter Athletic and Gill Athletic have teamed up to provide the world’s most innovative, top-quality sports equipment available today. At Elite Sports Builders, we combine the best of both product lines to not only improve your service experience, but to lower shipping costs while ensuring you receive the best, most cost-effective systems in the world. 



The PowerMax brand emerged first as Gill Athletics, ultimately flourishing into a new world leader in niche athletic manufacturing. Their collective background in producing athletic equipment has given us unique insight into the specialty needs of coaches and athletes. PowerMax provides these athletes with the most innovative tools on the market to more efficiently train for extended periods of heightened performance. Their product line is a natural compliment to Elite Sports Builders’ commitment to providing outstanding equipment throughout the track and field industry.